April 2014 Meetings

Lion Line

Windsor Manor, Wednesday Evening, Apr 9, 2014 -- Loren Heckathorne

At the regular meeting, John Beals read the list of new officers, nominated for the 2014-15 Lions year. President, Charles Lloyd; 1st Vice President, Jayson Kingbury; the 2nd and 3rd Vice Presidents are vacant at this time; Membership Chair, Charlene Jarboe; Secretary, Loren Heckathorne; Treasurer, John Beals; Lion Tamer, LaNair Niblock; Tail Twisters, Steve Jordening (1year) and Bob Hunter (2year); Publicity, Wilbur Morfitt; Web site, Jerry Radke; Director, Susan Radke. There were no nominations from the floor. Motion was made by Loren Heckathorne, 2nd by Charlene Jarboe to cast a unanimous ballot. Motion passed.

Reports were given during the regular meeting. Charlene Jarboe had nothing to report on membership during the regular meeting. Bob Hunter reported on paper recycling. The truck is about 40 percent full. The check from the last load was $433.80. Jayson Kingsbury reported on pancakes scheduled for Apr 27. We will serve at Gates Hall from 7:30 am to 1:00 pm. It will be a free will offering.

LaNair Niblock was in charge of the program, which was Lynn Scarlett, who is Nevada Chamber of Commerce Director. She reported on things happening in Nevada and updated the progress of several new businesses.

Keith Morgan, Story County Emergency Agency Manager is the next program.

The Board meeting was convened after the program. The Nevada Lions Club held its regular Board of Directors meeting, Apr 9, 2014, in the Windsor Manor dining room. President Jerry Radke called the meeting to order at 7:45 pm and acted as Chairman, with the following members present:

John Beals Susan Radke Loren Heckathorne
Bob Hunter Charlene Jarboe Wilbur Morfitt
Jayson Kingsbury LaNair Niblock Paul Malsom
Jerry Radke

Secretary Loren Heckathorne read Minutes from the Mar 12 Board Meeting. Motion was made by Bob Hunter, Second by John Beals to approve the Minutes as read. Motion passed.

Treasurer John Beals presented the Financial Report. Charlene Jarboe motioned and Susan Radke Seconded approval of the Financial Report. Motion passed.

There were no bills presented tonight.

Loren Heckathorne made a motion to transfer $1000 from Administration Fund to the Project Fund, Second by Charlene Jarboe. Motion passed.

Susan Radke made a motion to contribute $350 to the Iowa Lions Foundation, which is our normal yearly amount, Second by Loren Heckathorne. Motion passed.

President Jerry Radke read a thank-you from Lions Clubs International for our $50 contribution to LCIF.

Our upcoming Pancakes fundraiser was discussed. The Suitcase is at Steve's and Jim and John will set up the grill.

The ISU Dining fundraiser (Odyssey of the Mind) was discussed, which is May 28 thru June 1. There was talk about also doing the ISU Dining - Future Problem Solvers, which is June 12 thru 15. Bob Hunter made a motion to not do the Future Problem Solvers event, Second by John Beals. Motion passed.

A $25 memorial gift in honor of Wes Ebert, who passed away Saturday April 5th, was discussed, but no action was taken at this time.

There was much discussion about doing events to increase membership. John Beals made the motion to proceed with an event at the Chamber office, Second by Bob Hunter. Motion passed. The day and time are yet to be determined. LaNair Niblock agreed to pass out flyers about this event, while passing out flyers for the Pancake Day event. There was also discussion about doing something at the Farmer's Market. This is still being studied, as there was no motion at this time.

Wilbur Morfitt reported about collection of eyeglasses and some hearing aids. There are more boxes out than before and he is checking them regularly.

Motion to Adjourn was made by Bob Hunter, Second by John Beals. Motion passed and we adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Loren Heckathorne, Secretary


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