August Board of Directors Meeting

Lion Line

The Nevada Lions Club held its regular Board of Directors Meeting August 8, 2012.

Present: Bob, Paul, Steve, Charlene, Jim, Loren, Nib, Dick C., Willie, Jayson, Jerry, Susan

Dinner at Windsor Manor

Tour of the Nevada H.S. Auditorium and the Board meeting was held there in the Board Room.

President Bob called meeting to order at 7:45 PM and he passed out list of chairs and committees.

Minutes were read by Charlene. Corrections: Musician's name: Ryan Sheeler, start time of last board meeting was 7:20 PM. Steve moved, Paul seconded we accept minutes as corrected. Motion carried.

Loren gave Treasurer's report. Jim moved, Charlene seconded we bill $9/person for picnic Motion carried.

Bob thanked those who helped with the moving of Lions' objects from Gates Hall. Willie moved and Jerry seconded a motion to place a Lions ad in the Nevada Guide. Motion carried.

It was noted we do not know when the funeral for Naomi will be, but all Lions will attend, if possible.

The Board voted unanimously to accept the nomination of Harold Boeset as a new member.

Official Installation of officers will be later this fall.

Charlene reported about 50 people were served bologna and sweet corn at the International Youth Camp.

Bob noted awards will be given to: Jim Fenn, 35 year chevron; Dick Settle, 45 year chevron; and John Beals, Past President Plaque.

Lincoln Highway Days float was discussed. All are encouraged to ride on the float Jim, John Wheelock, and Dick will prepare. The parade is at 10 AM.

Report from Finance Committee was discussed. Steve, Loren, and Dick C. met with Edward R. Jones representative, Mark Cahill and Susie Shierholtz, Story County Foundation. They explored the advantages of fixed income, equities, and bonds and asked the board if there were any objections to a diversified portfolio. Hearing none, they will explore this option.

The need for a PA system at Windsor Manor was discussed and Bob will check with Alison about this. Also discussed the need for a projector screen - we wondered about purchasing a screen with Kiwanis. Willie will check to see if he has a screen at his home that he would donate.

At the August 22 Board meeting, we will review paper collection sites and collectors.

The Fall Pancake Fundraiser was discussed in detail. Serving biscuits and gravy was considered and more discussion will continue at next board meeting.

Eyeglasses and hearing aides collections sites/signs/collectors will be discussed at next meeting. Dick S. keeps track of the numbers we collect, so board members are asked to report to him. Publicizing that we collect hearing aides was also discussed.

We decided to continue meeting at 6:30 PM at Windsor Manor.

Next year's picnic location was also discussed and tabled.

Bob encouraged all Lions to contact their congressmen to support approval of a Lions Commemorative coin.

All Lions were encouraged to attend "Light the Night," a fundraiser for lymphoma, at SCORE Park on October 5th; dinner and carnival are planned. Hannah, Marlys Swanson's daughter, has been diagnosed with this disease.

Bob urged Lions to get agenda items to him before the meetings so that he can place them on the agenda.

Charlene moved and Loren seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 PM. Motion carried.

Susan Radke, Secretary Pro Tem

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