August 2014 Meetings

Lion Line

Windsor Manor, Wednesday Evening, August 13 & 27, 2014 -- Loren Heckathorne

For August 13, Christine Sutton was the program: Caring for Dementia. This program was long and President Hunter requested that the business meeting be moved to Aug 27, except for what was absolutely necessary. A brief business meeting was called to order at that time.

We discussed our float in Lincoln Highway days which will be on August 23. John and Jim will get the float ready, but Jim cannot drive. Jayson Kingsbury can drive. Jim will purchase candy. There is a memorial service for Don Williams on the same morning as the Lincoln Highways Days parade. President Hunter requested a show of hands of those who could ride on the float.

President Hunter also asked Treasurer John Beals to pay the bills.

The program on Aug 27 was District Governor Bill Pollard.

The regular Board of Directors meeting was convened after the program. The Nevada Lions Club held its regular Board of Directors meeting, Aug 27, 2014, in the Windsor Manor dining room. President Bob Hunter called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm and acted as Chairman, with the following members present:

John Beals Jim Fenn Loren Heckathorne
Bob Hunter Charlie Lloyd Willy Morfitt
Jerry Radke Susan Radke

Secretary Loren Heckathorne read Minutes from the July 9 Board Meeting. Motion was made by John Beals, Second by Jerry Radke to approve the Minutes as read. Motion passed.

Treasurer John Beals presented the Financial Report. Motion made by Loren Heckathorne and Second by Charlie Lloyd to approve the financial report. Motion passed.

There were several bills of account: parade candy $72.08 and entry fee $10 to Jim Fenn; chicken $48.49 and potato salad & Beans $11.37 to Bob Hunter. Paper sacks for recycling $29.66 to Bob Hunter. Charlie Lloyd motioned to pay the bills, Second by Susan Radke. Motion Passed.

John Beals gave a report on the Lincoln Highway Days parade. There were 5 Lions riding on the float. Paul Malsom was wearing the Lion's costume; John Wheelock was driving; John Beals' daughter Kelly and her friend Jade were walking alongside the float. It was also reported that there were two Lions at Don William's funeral, which was held at the same time as the parade.

Bob Hunter reported that paper recycling truck is full and needs to be picked up. He speculated that this last load should make a million pounds of paper since the project's inception.

Willy reported that there was a request for help with eyeglasses, but he was unable to call her back.

It was reported that the Widows weren't called for the Picnic.

President Hunter is still looking for a new place to hold the Pancake Feed. This event is not yet scheduled but President Hunter was thinking it might be in October. For the September 24 program, President Hunter is thinking of inviting a victim of sex trafficking and to invite the public to this program.

Charlie Lloyd made the motion to adjourn and we adjourned at 7:53 pm.

Loren Heckathorne, Secretary

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