February 2008 Board of Directors Meeting

Lion Line

The Nevada Lions Club held its regular Board of Directors Meeting February 4, 2008 at the home of Bob Hobson. The meeting was called to order at 7:01 pm by Vice President Jerry Radke who acted as Chairman. The following members were in attendance:

Jerry Radke Bob Hunter Paul Malsom
Janice Schmidt Jim Fenn LaNair Niblock
Willie Morfitt Steve Jordening Bob Hobson
Loren Heckathorne Dick Smith

Mark Cahill was present to make a presentation regarding Club investments.

Mark reported that the TVA Bond held by the Club is being called February 15, 2008. He then discussed Bonds, CDs, and Money Markets.

Motion to allow the finance committee to make a determination where to invest the money, meanwhile putting in a Money Market fund until that determination is made was made by Steve Jordening, seconded by Jim Fenn. Motion approved.

The Financial Report was presented by Bob Hunter. The Administration Fund has $5,216.72 and the Project Fund has $823.42. The Pancake Supper netted $717.32.

Motion to pay the bills presented by Jim Fenn, seconded by Willie Morfitt, Bills Presented: School, $125.; Lions International, 594.75; District Dues, 232.50. Motion approved.

Motion to approve the membership applications of Douglas and DaNell Jamieson made by Willie Morfitt, seconded by Loren Heckathorne. Motion approved.

Motion to sell tickets for Pancake Day for $5.00 by Steve Jordening, seconded by Willie Morfitt. Motion approved. We will serve from 7:00 am until 1:00 pm.

Bob Hunter reported that Margaret is raising the price of meals to $7.00. Motion by LaNair Niblock, seconded by Willie Morfitt to accept the increase. Motion approved.

Motion that the price of meals paid by Lions Club members be increased to $8.00, as the meal fund is falling behind and there would not have to be another increase for a longer time made by Janice Schmidt, seconded by Bob Hunter. Motion approved.

Jerry Radke reported that Susan Radke and JoAnn Nady are willing to be Guiding Lion and Adviser respectively to a new campus club. Ten people have signed up for the club. Motion to table sponsorship of the club pending more information made by Jim Fenn, seconded by Willie Morfitt. Motion approved.

Susan Radke will check regarding the Club working for ISU Food Service.

Janice Schmidt will check to see if RAGBRAI is coming through Nevada.

The 60th Anniversary Dinner will probably be held at St. Patricks Church May 3, 2008. The meal cost will be a maximum of $9.75. Motion to approve $100.00 for the budget with future review made by Jim Fenn, seconded by Bob Hunter. Motion approved.

A letter of resignation was received from Bill Horine. Bill and Mary have moved to Ballard Creek Community in Huxley. Motion to accept the resignation with regrets made by Jim Fenn, seconded by Willie Morfitt. Motion approved.

It was decided to wait to determine donations until the amount of Hospital Heliport Memorials is determined.

The next Board meeting will be March 3rd at the home of Jim Fenn.

Motion to adjourn by Jim Fenn, seconded by Loren Heckathorne.

Meeting adjourned at 8:11 pm.

Dick Smith, Secretary


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