February 2016 Board of Directors Meeting

Lion Line

Windsor Manor, Wednesday Evening, February 24 -- Loren Heckathorne

The Nevada Lions Club held its regular Board of Directors meeting, Feb 24, 2016, in the Windsor Manor dining room. President Charlene Jarboe called the meeting to order at 8:20 pm and acted as Chairman, with the following members present:

John Beals Loren Heckathorne Charlene Jarboe
Willy Morfitt Jerry Radke Susan Radke

Secretary Loren Heckathorne read Minutes from the Jan 13 Board Meeting. Motion was made by Bob Hunter, Second by Jerry Radke to approve the Minutes. Motion passed.

Treasurer John Beals didn't have the monthly Financial Report but did report our current bank balance as $2,743.92. He also reported that he paid one bill: $15 for Jerry Radke to attend the Mid-winter Leadership.

John Beals also reported on Kidsight. There were 6 retakes: 3 for Head Start, 2 for L'Cubs, and 1 for the elementary school. Two Children were referred for vision problems.

Marilyn Argotsinger sent us a thank-you for the Christmas gift. Her thank-you was passed around during the Board meeting.

It was noted that Leader Dog wants contributions at the beginning of the year or thru-out the year. There was no action on this.

There was a letter from Camp Hertko Hollow. Motion was made by John Beals and Second by Bob Hunter declining a contribution at this time.

It time for the high school scholarships. Charlene and Charlie are on the Scholarship Committee and will look into this. There was discussion, but no motion, to continue to give two $1000 scholarships.

It also time for the Nominating Committee to find a new slate of officers. Bob and Jerry will perform this duty.

There was a letter from Parks and Rec to sponsor youth baseball/softball. There are various levels of giving and this sponsorship is for the whole program, rather than for one particular team. There was no motion on this.

Youth Exchange Camp is not going to be near Boone this year, but will be near Indianola, at camp Wesley Woods, instead. This item was tabled for next month.

There was a motion to adjourn by Susan Radke and we adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Loren Heckathorne, Secretary


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