January 2015 Meetings

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Windsor Manor, Wednesday Evening, January 14 -- Loren Heckathorne

The Nevada Lions Club held its regular Board of Directors meeting, January 15, 2015, in the Windsor Manor dining room. President Bob Hunter called the meeting to order at 8:00 pm and acted as Chairman, with the following members present:

John Beals Jim Fenn Loren Heckathorne
Bob Hunter Charlene Jarboe Steve Jordening
Willy Morfitt Jayson Kingsbury Jerry Radke
Susan Radke

Secretary Loren Heckathorne read Minutes from the Nov 12 Board Meeting. Motion was made by Jerry Radke, Second by Charlene Jarboe to approve the Minutes as read. Motion passed.

Treasurer John Beals presented the Financial Reports for both November and December. Motion made by Charlene Jarboe and Second by Susan Radke to approve the financial reports. Motion passed.

There was one Bill of Account: Jerry Radke for $27 to attend the Mid-winter conference. Motion made by Steve Jordening and Second by Charlene Jarboe to pay the bill. Motion passed.

Charlene reported that the Meet and Greet by the Chamber of Commerce is cancelled. They are thinking of a Barbeque contest or a bingo event. The Chamber is still working on a calendar of all service club events.

John Beals is looking into Kidsight retakes. He is trying to find out when the camera is available from David Williams and the Ames Breakfast Club. We don't plan to retake the Head Start since those children will be done again next year. He will let the Kidsight team know when pre-school retakes are scheduled.

Grill rental was discussed again. We won't charge the Kiwanis extra for the condition of the grill. Jim Fenn talked to them about maintenance issues and this talk should be considered a warning.

Bob Hunter noted that a load of recycling paper went out on Jan 5. A check for $450.50 should come in about 3 weeks.

Willy collected 53 pairs of glasses. Also, someone has requested help with eyeglasses.

President Bob Hunter expressed a big thank-you for the Christmas party. Tail- twisters Paul and Steve did an outstanding job on this.

President Hunter brought up the issue of our pancake breakfast. He is thinking of having it in February this year at Gates Hall. We may have a second pancake event this year, perhaps in August or later.

Susan Radke asked about the Valentines party. We should have it at Kocklers again and catered by Tammy Chance again. Another possibility is to have the Farm House restaurant cater it.

Jim Fenn had several items. First, the Lions sign holder - Haley Realty was handling this. One idea is to have the Nevada Chamber of Commerce do this. John will check into this. There is a problem with snow removal at the recycling trailer. Jayson will take care of this. Finally, Jim brought up the issue of Gates Hall fees. Perhaps we don't need to have a Gates Hall employee present during our events. This would mean extra work for us, but could lower the cost.

Jerry Radke motioned and Susan Radke seconded to make our normal Lions donations which are $350 for Iowa Lions Foundation, $50 for LCIF, and $100 each for Leader Dog, Puppy Program and Diabetes Awareness. Motion passes.

President Hunter adjourned the Board Meeting at 9:07 pm.

There was a brief Board meeting held in the Windsor Dining room after our regular meeting on Jan 28. Mostly we talked about and planned the Pancake fundraiser scheduled for Sunday February 15. The hours were set as 8:00 am to 12:30 pm. Setup will be a 7:00 am and there will be about an hour needed for cleanup. We also talked about how many pounds of sausage, how many boxes of pancake mix and how many eggs. Burke donates some of the sausage and we purchase the remainder. A Sams card is needed to purchase the pancake mix. Jim Fenn will not be there to setup, but Jayson Kingsbury will head that up.

Our Valentines event will be at Kockler's again this year. Farmhouse will cater this event. Farmhouse will charge $10 per person. The room rent will be $50, which needs to be divided by the total number people attending and then added to each bill. Secretary Heckathorne was asked to contact the privileged members.

John Beals raised the issue of Kids Sights retakes and asked for volunteers. He will send out an e-mail about this. The Li'l Cubs retakes are scheduled for Feb 17 at 1:30 pm, while the Elementary retakes are scheduled for Feb 18.

There was a brief business meeting at our Valentines event which was held at Kocklers on Feb 11. First, Barbara Howard was inducted as a member. Jerry Radke performed the induction ceremony and Charlene Jarboe is the sponsor. Larry Howard said that he would join our club at the Feb 25 meeting.

Lion Bob Hobson was honored for 35 years of Lions service. President Hunter read a congratulations letter from Lions International and presented Lion Hobson with a pin.

We discussed and planned for the Lions Pancake day, scheduled for Feb 15 at Gates Hall. Charlene is getting supplies and Jayson Kingsbury will set-up the grills.

Lion John Beals discussed the Kids Sight retakes and requested additional help for the elementary school retakes on Feb 18.

Loren Heckathorne, Secretary

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