March 2014 Meetings

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Windsor Manor, Wednesday Evening, Mar 12, 2014 -- Loren Heckathorne

Reports were given during the regular meeting. Charlene Jarboe reported on membership. Next meeting is scheduled as guest night. She is also working on an ice-cream social event to get new members. Bob Hunter reported on paper recycling. We just had our 25th load of paper go out. That makes 900,000 pounds and $17,000 since the project's inception. John Beals reported on pancake financial totals. He reported that we made $956.58, but there are still more bills for this.

President Radke was in charge of the program. Eldon Weber spoke on Pizz-A-Thon. This an agricultural food literacy program to develop leadership, character and academic skills in children, for grades 4 thru 7.

The Board meeting was convened after the program. The Nevada Lions Club held its regular Board of Directors meeting, March 12, 2014, in the Windsor Manor dining room. President Jerry Radke called the meeting to order at 7:55 pm and acted as Chairman, with the following members present:

John Beals Susan Radke Loren Heckathorne
Bob Hunter Charlene Jarboe Wilbur Morfitt
Jayson Kingsbury LaNair Niblock Paul Malsom
Jerry Radke

Secretary Loren Heckathorne read Minutes from the Feb 26 Meetings. Motion was made by John Beals, Second by Jayson Kingsbury to approve the Minutes as read. Motion passed

Treasurer John Beals presented the Financial Report. There were some questions and answers about this Report. Afterwards, Willie Morfitt motioned and Charlene Jarboe Seconded approval of the Financial Report. Motion passed.

The following Bills were presented: $209.42 to Charlene for Pancake supplies, which is divided into 174.52 to Fareway and 34.90 to Sam's Club, $440 to Gates Hall for Pancake rent, $65 to Stephen's Media for Pancake advertising, $73.08 to Jim Fenn for signs. There was also a $10 item from Jim Fenn for Colorado Grill. We were unsure this was related to Lions, so it was removed for now. Motion to pay all the Bills, except the $73.08, was made by Willie Morfitt and Seconded by Charlene Jarboe. Motion passed. Then the $73.08 was discussed, since it wasn't pre-approved by the Lions Board. Motion to approve the $73.08 was made by Susan Radke, Second by Bob Hunter. Motion passed, but not unanimously.

The Iowa Cubs games fundraiser was brought up again. This involved Lions working at Principle Park during Iowa Cubs games. Bob Hunter made a motion to not work the Cubs games, Second by John Beals. Motion passed. Jerry will e-mail Scott Burns that we cannot do this.

Officer training is scheduled for Mar 17, 2014 at the Chamber of Commerce Office at 7:00 pm.

The Iowa Lions Foundation contribution was brought up again, since we didn't make our usual $350 contribution last Board meeting. There were no motions, but this was postponed until after we get the Paper Recycling check.

We went to new business and discussed the Iowa State Food Service Fundraiser. We were asked to do a breakfast or lunch, instead of dinner, since the food service people have more than enough people for the dinners. There are two events: Odyssey of the Mind (May 28 thru June 1) and Future Problem Solvers (June 12 thru 15). Bob Hunter made a motion to do Breakfast for Odyssey of the Mind, Second by Susan Radke. Motion passed. Charlene Jarboe volunteered to be the leader and go to the training. Bob Hunter made a motion to work the Future Problem Solvers convention in the event that the Odyssey of the Mind is already full, Second by Susan Radke. Motion passed.

President Radke reminded the club of our Pancakes event scheduled for April 27. Charlene reminded the club to remember to bring a guest for next meeting.

President Radke postponed any discussion about doing something for the Pizz-A-Thon until another Board meeting; he adjourned the meeting at 8:47.

Loren Heckathorne, Secretary

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