May 2010 Board of Directors Meeting

Lion Line

The Nevada Lions Club held its regular Board of Directors Meeting May 3, 2010 at the home of Charles Lloyd. The meeting was called to order at 7:09 pm by President Janice Schmidt who acted as Chairperson with the following members present:

Janice Schmidt Charles Lloyd Dick Couser
Tom Haller Loren Heckathorne Bob Hunter
John Beals Paul Malsom Dick Smith

Motion to approve the minutes of April 5, 2010 as read was made by Charles Lloyd, seconded by John Beals. Motion approved.

The Treasurer's Report was given by Loren Heckathorne. The Administration Fund has $3342.97, the Project Fund has $1916.49 plus Money Market Fund of $7167.95. Pancake Day profit was $652.47. Motion to approve the Treasurer's Report made by Dick Couser, seconded by John Beals. Motion approved.

Bills presented: Bob Hunter, paper sacks for paper recycling, $29.62; Story County Conservation, $40 for Oriole Ridge rental for Family Picnic. Motion to approve payment of bills made by John Beals, seconded by Paul Malsom. Motion approved.

The Scholarship Committee has given the names of the nominees to the school.

The Family Picnic will be July 28th at Oriole Ridge in Hickory Grove Park.

The July Board Meeting will be held July 5, 2010.

The next meeting will be June 7 at the home of Tom Haller.

Motion to adjourn made by John Beals, seconded by Charlie Lloyd.

Meeting adjourned at 7:51 pm.

Dick Smith, Secretary

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