August 2002 Board of Directors Meeting

Lion Line

The Nevada Lions Club held its regular Board Meeting in the Dean Howell home on 5 August 2002. The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m. by President Elect Jim Perkins who acted as chairman, with the following members in attendance:

Jean Bodensteiner Brad Gerndt Loren Heckathorne
Dean Howell Paul Malsom Jerry Radke
Susan Radke Dick Smith Duane Stansbury
Angelo Stefani

Lion Secretary Jerry read the minutes of the 1 July 2002 board meeting. Lion Loren moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Lion Susan, and passed. Lion Treasurer Dean reported the checking account balance was $6689.33. Lion Secretary Jerry handed out copies of the 1 July 2001 through 30 June 2002 Financial Report and reviewed it. Our Administrative Fund lost $264.13 during the year mainly because of deficits in the dues collected for Lions International, State, District, and our club. We may want to adjust the amount of our two scholarships in the future. We hold a fairly large balance in our Project Fund which should be used for some local projects.

The Secretary presented the following bills: 1) Lions Clubs International - dues for 34 members = $408, 2) Dean Howell - supplies for Lions Youth Camp dinner = $1.58, 3) Lions Clubs of Iowa - President's Plaque and Engraving = $61.10, 4) Gates Memorial Hall - 6 meetings = $144, 5) Nevada Super 8 Motel - room for Glaucoma Bus driver = $41.87, and 6) Central Iowa Printing - Chicken BBQ tickets = $12.56. Lion Jean asked if the club would pay her registration for the International Convention in Japan. The request was tabled until we find out if the District will pay any of her expenses. Lion Duane moved to pay the bills presented, seconded by Lion Dick, and passed.

President Elect Jim asked for a major membership increase as his club goal for the coming year. He asked that our club conduct a Coming to Your Senses screening at a local Day Care in August or September. Lions Loren and Susan will coordinate the event. State dues are $1 per member higher this year. Increasing the dues was considered. Lion Dean moved to keep our dues the same and to take the deficit from our Administrative Funds, seconded by Lion Dick, and approved.

Lion Paul reported on plans for our Annual Chicken BBQ 24 August 2002 during Lincoln Highway Days. He handed out tickets for pre-sales. Ads for the local newspaper are set and he passed around sign-up sheets for workers. Lion Dean will get candy for the LHD Parade. Lion Susan will get the Lions costume from the Ames Evening Lions Club so Lion Jim can wear it during the parade. Lion Susan presented some information on the cost for our club to buy a Lions costume.

Per Mar has contacted President Elect Jim for workers at the seven ISU home football games this fall. We are signed up and will need six workers for each game. PE Jim read a letter from Lion Jan Whaley requesting a transfer to the Maxwell Lions Club since she is now living there. Lion Jerry moved to approve the transfer, seconded by Lion Dean, and approved. It was agreed that the Second and Third Vice Presidents would move up a position to fill the vacancy left at First Vice President by Lion Jan's transfer. The nominating committee consisting of three Past Presidents will find a nominee for Third Vice President by our 14 August meeting.

Projects were discussed. Three possible projects suggested were something for High School Youth, the Camelot Theater and Nevada Fine Arts, and the 2003 Nevada Sesquicentennial. It was decided that we should have District Governor Cliff Weldon make his official visit to our club as soon as possible. The secretary will make the arrangements. It was suggested that our club consider purchasing club friendship banners and favors to be used as gifts. The Publicity Committee will look into the matter.

Our next regular meeting will be 14 August 2002 at Gates Hall. Our two scholarship winners will be there with their families to receive the first halves of their scholarships. There will be an installation of officers and an awards presentation. Our next board meeting will be 9 September 2002 at Paul Malsom's home. Lion Loren moved to adjourn, seconded by Lion Brad, and we adjourned at 8:32 pm.


Secretary Jerry K. Radke

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