July 2002 Board of Directors Meeting

Lion Line

The Nevada Lions Club held its regular Board Meeting in the Community Room of the Nevada Public Library on 1 July 2002. The meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m. by President Elect Jim Perkins who acted as chairman, with the following members in attendance:

Jack Argotsinger Jean Bodensteiner Loren Heckathorne
Dean Howell Jerry Radke Susan Radke
Dick Smith Duane Stansbury Angelo Stefani
John Wheelock

Lion Secretary Jerry read the minutes of the 3 June 2002 board meeting. Lion Dean said the minutes should show that LaNair Niblock instead of Lynn Harris took eye glasses to the State Office. Lion Jean moved to approve the amended minutes, seconded by Lion Susan, and passed. Lion Treasurer Dean reported the checking account balance was $5837.13 at the end of June.

Lion Jack moved to give Eleanor Moeckley $50 for serving as our nurse for the glaucoma screening on 27 June. Seconded by Lion Dean. There was some discussion about giving her a gift certificate instead of money. The motion passed 8 to 3. It was further agreed that we should invite Eleanor to our Family Night on 10 July at Hickory Grove Park. The secretary presented the following bills: 1) Jerry Radke for engraving of awards at Wall to Wall Galleries = $10, 2) Jean Bodensteiner for Subway sandwiches served to the glaucoma screening workers = $28.62, and 3) Eleanor Moeckley for serving as our nurse for the glaucoma screening = $50. Lion Angelo moved to pay the bills. Seconded by Lion Jean and passed.

President Elect Jim set a major membership increase as his club goal for the coming year. He asked for volunteers to serve with Lion Charles Lloyd on the Membership Committee.

President Elect Jim reported that State dues will be increased one dollar this year to replenish the campaign fund. PDG Del Brown is running for International Director this year. Deceased Lion Margaret Maliet will be remembered at a Memorial Service at the International convention. Serveral requests for donations were passed around. It was suggested that we need guidelines. President Elect Jim will prepare a questionnaire for all club members concerning our handling of such requests. Lion Jerry moved to table the requests for the present, seconded by Lion Angelo, and passed. We also received two offers to give programs. The Secretary will keep a file of potential programs.

President Elect Jim read a letter from Lion Harry Gandrup requesting that his Priviledged Membership be retroactive to 1 January 2002 and to remove his meal charges of $39 for the third quarter. Lion Susan moved to honor his request, seconded by Lion Jean, and passed. President Elect Jim read a letter from Lion Dick Settle requesting to be placed on Priviledged Membership status due to family health. Lion Jean moved to grant the request, seconded by Lion Duane, and passed. A request from Lion Brad Gerndt asking for special consideration was tabled due to his lack of presence and/or written request. President Elect Jim will contact him regarding his intentions.

Lion Jean reported that we had 62 people screened for glaucoma and/or diabetes on 27 June. Eighteen were referred for eyes and five for diabetes. Donations of $78 were received and given to Dennis Lovick for the Iowa Lions Foundation.

Plans for the Family Night and our annual Chicken BBQ are being made. Lion John will pull our 4th of July float with his Jeep. Lion Dean has purchased 37 pounds of candy for the parade. Lion Susan will contact our baseball team to ride on the float.

Lion Dean will check with his wife in regards to his hosting the 5 August 2002 board meeting in their home. Other plans will be made if there is a conflict. Lion Dick moved to adjourn, seconded by Lion Jack, and we adjourned at 8:25 pm.


Secretary Jerry K. Radke

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