March 2021 Board of Directors Meeting

Lion Line

Nevada Lions met in person on Mar. 24th at Indian Creek Country Club.

No meal was provided. Members ordered off the menu.

Meeting was called to order at 6:40 by President Charlene Jarboe.

Members present were: John Beals, Jim Fenn, Bob Hunter, Carlene Hunter, Charlene Jarboe, Steve Jordening, Charlie Lloyd, Paul Malsom, Willy Morfitt, Jerry Radke, and Susan Radke.

Nevada Park and Recreation sent us a request for funds for their youth summer baseball and softball program. After discussion Jim Fenn made a motion to donate $300.00. Seconded by Susan Radke. Motion passed.

MidIowa Community Action sent a request for money. No action taken.

Nevada Community Garden requested money to help with the community garden. No action taken.

Peach sales were discussed. Carlene Hunter will help coordinate fund raiser. Jim Fenn will contact Palisade Produce to see if they are going to sell peaches.

Our nominating committee is Paul Malsom, Jerry Radke and Susan Radke.

Scholarship committee is Charlie Lloyd and Charlene Jarboe. Charlene will contact Lori Arends in the high school guidance office about graduation commencement.

General meeting adjourned at 7:45.

Board meeting was called to order by Charlene Jarboe immediately following general meeting.

Members present were: John Beals, Jim Fenn, Bob and Carlene Hunter, Charlene Jarboe, Charlie Lloyd, Paul Malsom, Willy Morfitt, Jerry and Susan Radke.

John Beals submitted financial report. Willy Morfitt made motion to accept. Jerry Radke seconded. Motion passed. Project fund has $8760.77, Admin has $987.78, checkbook balance is $9748.55.

$700.00 for Community Cupboard has not been paid due to them not needing the money. $300.00 to Nevada Nerds Anonymous has not been paid due to covid.

John said money that was to be sent to Puppy Program had not been sent due to the program being discontinued due to covid. After discussion, Charlie made motion to send the Puppy Program donation to Leader Dog. Charlene seconded. Motion passed.

John submitted report on Dec. pancake breakfast. Served about 150. Income of $1799.52. Expenses of $296.83. Profit of $1502.69.

A spring pancake breakfast was brought up. Discussion was tabled.

Next meeting will be April 14th.

Meeting adjourned at 8:03

Minutes taken and submitted by John Beals due to absence of Secretary Loren Heckathorne.

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