November 2006 Board of Directors Meeting

Lion Line

The Nevada Lions Club held its regular Board of Directors meeting at he Community Room of the Nevada Public Library on 7 November 2006. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Willy Morfitt who acted as Chairman. The following members were in attendance:

John Wheelock Jim Fenn Duane Stansbury
Bob Hobson Dean Howell Paul Malsom
Willie Morfitt Loren Heckathorne Jerry Radke

Jerry Radke read the minutes of the 3 October 2005 board meeting. Jim Fenn moved acceptance, seconded by Dean Howell, and approved.

There was a discussion on the value of belonging to the Nevada Chamber of Commerce. Willy Morfitt moved to pay the $110 membership, seconded by Jim Fenn, and passed.

Bills for $31 for members kits and green Lions caps from the Lions Clubs of Iowa and $100 for eyeglasses from McFarland Eye Clinic were presented. Bills not presented included Susan Radke for Sight Night Candy, Paul Malsom for Polaroid film, and Jean Bodensteiner for door prizes. Jim Fenn moved to pay the bills provided that the Sight Night bills did not exceed $250. Dean Howell provided the second and the motion was approved.

Lion President Wheelock noted that we can have extra Lions working the last home football game. Willy Morfitt, Paul Malsom, Janice Schmidt, John Wheelock, Jerry Radke, Susan Radke, and Bob Hobson are signed up.

The $10,000 Maliet estate money has been invested at State Bank and Trust at 3.5% for five months.

The Christmas/Spouse Night party on 14 December was discussed. A sign-up sheet will be available at our next regular meeting. Lion Willy moved to not spend more than $150 for program and table decorations, seconded by Dean Howell, and approved.

Susan Radke's reports on membership, Leo Club, and the District Convention will be presented at a future meeting.

The December 3 Board meeting will be hosted by Loren Heckathrore unless Steve Jordening wants to have it.

Motion to adjourn by Duane Stansbury, seconded by Jim Fenn. Adjournment was at 7:57 pm.

Jerry Radke, Acting Secretary

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