October 2001 Board of Directors Meeting

Lion Line

The Nevada Lions Club held its regular Board Meeting in the Lynn Harris home on 1 October 2001. The meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m. by President Angelo Stefani who acted as chairman, with the following members in attendance:

Jack Argotsinger Jean Bodensteiner Lynn Harris
Loren Heckathorne Dean Howell Steve Jordening
Paul Malsom Jerry Radke Duane Stansbury
John Wheelock

Lion President Angelo thanked the Harris' for hosting the meeting. The minutes of the 10 September 2001 board meeting were read and approved. The treasurer's balance was $7,207.69. Lion Secretary Jerry reminded the board that we have over $4000 of that amount uncommitted in the Project Fund.

The secretary presented the following bills: (1) District 9x7 Lions for State and District Dues = $265.45 and (2) Lions Clubs International for supplies = $17.43. Lion Duane moved to pay the bills, seconded by Lion Jean and passed.

Lions Lynn, Jerry, and Angelo worked at the ISU/Baylor football game on 29 September 2001. Lion Jean explained the discrepancy between the payment received and the calculated payment for hours worked at the parking lots during ISU dorm move-in. Lion Secretary Jerry reported that we broke even on the Lincoln Highway Day food stand. Lion John suggested that we make some changes to our parade float, perhaps have live music. The Sight Committee is considering paying for the entire cost of eye glasses for needy people. The Finance Committee needs to meet soon.

Lion Dean suggested we consider purchasing a concrete bench for the west side of Gates Hall. He said that Bohlman Inc. has a 6-foot bench with plaque for $362. Lion Jean moved that we purchase up to two benches depending on what Dean finds out from the Gates Hall Board. Seconded by Lion Lynn and passed. It was decided to pass on the Peace Poster Contest this year. Lion Jerry reported that we are scheduled for the Glaucomobile sometime next spring. Lion Jean is organizing "Sight Night" for 30 October 2001. We may serve hot dogs and snacks at Gates Hall or the State Bank. Lion Jean will have details at our 10 October 2001 regular meeting.

New business: Lion Secretary Jerry will contact Zone Chair Al Cox and invite him to either our 24 October or 12 December 2001 regular meeting. Dean moved to donate $500 each to the United Firefighters Association Widows and Orphans Fund and to the LCIF WTC Victims Fund. The motion was seconded by John but failed after discussion. Lion Dean then moved to send $500 to the LCIF WTC Victims Fund. The motion was seconded by Lion Steve. Lion Duane moved to amend the motion to increase the $500 to $1000. Seconded by Lion Jean and passed with two nays. The amended motion also passed with two nays. This donation information should be submitted to the local papers.

We should consider not charging for spouses if they are unable to attend our special events. This will be considered at a later meeting. The board agreed with the Membership Committee's recommendation to give two months free meals to anyone bringing in new members this year. Lions members also will not be charged for prospective members brought as guests. Lion Loren presented an application for membership from Brad Gerndt, a former member of the Gilbert Lions Club. Lion Steve moved to approve the application, seconded by Lion Jack and approved.

Lion Jack recommended that we streamline the business and tail twisting portions of our regular meetings so we can get the programs on by 7:30 pm. Our next regular meeting is 10 Oct 2001. Lion John will host the 5 November board meeting at his home. Lion Steve moved to adjourn, seconded by Lion Dean, and we adjourned at 8:32 pm.


Secretary Jerry K. Radke

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