September 1999 Board of Directors Meeting

Lion Line

The Nevada Lions Club held its regular Board Meeting in the Jim Perkins home on 30 August 1999. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Loren Heckathorne who acted as chairman, with the following board members in attendance:

Everett Carman Odin Christian Joel Halverson
Lynn Harris Dean Howell Steve Jordening
Jim Perkins Jerry Radke Susan Radke
Dick Smith Duane Stansbury Angelo Stefani
John Wheelock

The minutes of the 2 August 1999 meeting were read and approved. The treasurer's balance of $5,091.30 was read and approved.

The secretary presented the following bills: (1) Lions Clubs International for transfer dues ($10.50) and 9-year pin tab ($1.43) = $11.93. (2) Lions District 9x7 for District and State Dues = $303.50. (3) Dick Settle for Chicken BBQ Supplies = $7.96. (4) Dick Smith for Chicken BBQ Supplies = $4.02. (5) Angelo Stefani for Chicken BBQ Supplies = $18.17. Lion Dick Smith moved to pay the bills, seconded by Lion Joel Halverson. Motion approved.

Lion Jerry reported that he has deposited $3161.90 from the Lions Chicken BBQ so far. BBQ Chair Angelo thanked everyone for their efforts in making the 28 August 1999 BBQ a success. He tallied 195 person-hours worked by the Lions. We ran out of grilled chicken at 12:20 and again about 12:50 pm. The chicken seemed to cook slower than usual and we had a big crowd right around noon. We will solve the problem for next year, probably by making the grill area larger to accommodate more chickens at one time. We served approximately 625 chicken halves with about 125 left over. Jim Perkins is storing the leftover chicken in his freezer for Lions members to purchase at cost. Lion Angelo said he would send "Thank Yous" to Mark Krausman for the ice, The Community Bank for sponsoring our ads, and McDonalds for the drinks. Lion Angelo will give a final report when all of the receipts and expenses are in.

Lion Jim Perkins reported on the Per Mar fund raising project. Lions Odin Christian, Don Williams, and Jim Perkins attended the 26 August training session put on by Per Mar. We will have a least six Lions ushering at each ISU home football game this fall. Lion Jim has the necessary jackets and parking passes. The first game is Thursday, 2 September, and the Lions are to report at 4 pm.

Lion Jim Perkins reported that he has given Peace Poster Kits to the Nevada School and the Nevada Community Resource Center. Children 11 to 13 years old are eligible to enter. Posters are due before December and will be judged by two judges. One judge will be a Lions member.

Lion Jerry reported on the Clubmate software he has installed and setup for the Nevada Lions Club. He spent over 80 hours in the process. The software will be helpful in the future but Lion Jerry does not recommend that all Lions Clubs go out a purchase Clubmate.

The Lions sang Happy Birthday to Lion President Loren Heckathorne. A discussion on Melvin Jones and Warren Coleman awards followed. It would be nice for our club to have some.

Lion Jerry reported that meal receipts are not meeting our costs. This became more of a problem when we started guaranteeing the Brass Rail 30 meals per meeting. We only have 31 members paying for meals at this time. The problem will be announced to the entire club at our 8 September regular meeting. We can raise meal prices, reduce meal costs, lower the number of guaranteed meals, or raise member's local dues. Lion Jerry also reported that he is looking into possible ways of getting more interest for our scholarships from our CDs.

It was noted that Lion Bob Hobson had served as our club secretary for 14 years and deserved an award for his efforts. A plaque or desk set was suggested. Lion Lynn Harris volunteered to make a desk clock. Lion Susan Radke will get a suitably inscribed brass plate to be attached to the clock.

Our next board meeting will be 7 pm, 4 October 1999 at the Radke home. Lion Joel moved we adjourn, seconded by Lion Susan, and we adjourned at 8:45 pm.


Secretary Jerry K. Radke

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